Incredible work - your first step to a beautiful home

An independent handyman, Dominique does not have the overhead of an office staff. He and his girlfriend, Gabi, operate as a "me and you business",
enabling you to receive your work at the lowest possible cost.

With his extensive experience in home refurbishing, Dominique can advise you about the options open to you,
as well as provide the labor required to complete the job to your satisfaction.
He won’t take a shortcut that he wouldn’t have in his own home.

If you're looking for a local handyman to help handling some of your home and condo repair or maintenance, small upgrades and new projects?
Don't look any further.
If you need something fixed, installed, or perhaps just need some help with home maintenance - give as a call, we can help.
We have been helping home owners with their small jobs for years. Our Handyman Service specializes in all kinds of basic repair work and new projects. We specialize in smaller projects around your home or condo and do the work with pride and excellence.

Your home is your most valuable financial investment. We can help you keeping it in good condition and great shape.
We are fully insured good skilled handymen with only two goals in mind - great service & enjoying what we do.

Several things we did in the past: Please view our Portfolio

There are a few things we don't do:
- repairing appliances
- electrical work (but we have an electrician on hand)
- and all the other things the" Pro" can do better

We will always tell you if someone else would be a better choice