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Condo / Home design & remodeling

There's no place like home ……but your home or unit looks a little run down……you don't really like it so much anymore?
You like to rent it but it's not making enough money because it doesn't look nice enough?
You like to sell it but so many little things need to be fixed, replaced….it needs new paint….and maybe an overall upgrade?

Over the past 12 years we did some great remodeling on various places. We are neither designers nor architects or magicians but we can work miracles with a small budget!
If you are in need of any remodeling, upgrade or design work, call us first. It might save you a lot of money and the result will look pretty incredible.

Contact Gabi or Dominique for any design work - we will gladly take look at your home.


All we have to say about painting - we love it and we do an incredible job for a handyman price. We do interior and exterior one and two story homes and condos.
For a free estimate call 808-280-5462

Custom features

It's a beautiful thing to have a custom feature. It's unique and personal. If you can dream it - but don't know how to build it - talk to us. We did build some incredible pieces like entry gates, bamboo signs, japanese bridges, water gardens and rock waterfalls. Most of them where extremely affordable and still totally unique. If you're interested to own a custom feature - just call or write us - we'd love to create YOUR custom project.

Vacation Home/Condo pre-check in service

As managing agents and vacation condo owners we do understand the importance of a clean & perfectly funtioning vacation condo or vacation home.
Vacationers don't like to deal with leaking faucets, clogged up drains, burnt out light bulbs, carpet stains, dirty fans or perhaps a little bug problem.
Anything can happen…and it does…we've all seen it or experienced it in our vacation rentals.
It certainly could cost you a good returning customer and gets you bad reputation. No one likes that.

With our pre-check in service we will make sure your unit is in a good condition - clean and free of mayor problems to guarantie a great stay for your customer.
Do it like the large rental companies - have your unit pre-checked - it's a proven matter that works - it can save you lots of money on the long run.

For more information on our pre-check in service call Gabi or Dominique or send us an e-mail to

Your IncrediWork Team